ADA Compliance and SEO-How They Work Together

So many clients have called me and been puzzled by the ADA requirements for websites.  Despite the existence of relatively simple and affordable fixes for ADA compliance on the marketing today, like accessiBe and others,  many still resist bringing their website into compliance.  Here is some motivation-ADA compliance mirrors some of the requirements that will improve the SEO of your website.  In this article, I will outline how site accessibility (aka ADA compliance) improves SEO by improving site readability not only for users but search crawlers like Google, Bing, etc.

CTA Buttons and Links

Accessibility rules dictate that the links on your site must be descript. Buttons or text that simply say “Click Here” are not compliant with ADA standards because it is not clear where “clicking here” will take the site user.  The same is true for SEO-links should be clearly identified with anchor text or an anchor tag that describes the content that you are linking to.


Alt Tags for photos that describe what the photo is are a key to website accessibility.  10% of all website traffic is on Google Images. The Alt Tag also enhances the SEO value of the page by clearly identifying the consistency of the content on the page and the value to the website user.  This habit will enhance your response on Google Search.

Meta Tags/Page Labeling and Tagging

One of the key pieces in making your site compliant is page labeling and tagging. These code-level additions to your site are used as identifiers for ADA readers. The page tags describe the content on the page, and many times mirror the content displayed in the meta tags and meta descriptions that appear in organic search results.

Page Tags tell crawlers know what types of content is on your site. When the page tags line up well with the meta tags and meta description on the page, then search engine crawlers have additional evidence that the content is valuable and consistent.

Don’t Resist ADA-It Is Good For You

Accessibility is the new standard, and it is important that your website comply. You will eventually be forced to do so, so why not increase direct traffic, time spent on site and reduce bounce rate (all positive SEO site performance standards) by complying now?

To Run an accessibility audit of your site, feel free to use this free ADA compliance scan.

To access the standards that govern MOST of these accessibility requirements, feel free to access the Federal Section 508 Standards.  For a second check on where your site might stand in terms of site accessibility consult this WCAG checklist.

We are here to help you to understand and access the best solutions for ADA compliance.  Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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