Tech Manufacturer Gains International Market Share with SEO & Google Ads

Zenergy Works began working with this client in October of 2015 and in the last 5 years that we’ve worked together we’ve:

Increased sales over 5x
Increased their website traffic over 6x
Established this client as a presence in national and international search

This particular client is a high-tech manufacturing firm with one location in Santa Rosa, California.  (The client’s name will remain anonymous for strategic purposes). When we first connected with this client, we did an exhaustive debrief of the client’s marketing strategy, their ideal customer, as well as the types of services they prefer to provide and are most profitable. The initial diagnostic was this:

  1. A new website had been launched, but it needed a great deal of work in functionality like contact/quote forms, content, and mobile load time.
  2. Poor organic placement for significant search terms.
  3. Online presence did not accurately depict the growth and technical genius of the team.

We made significant gains for this particular client by employing a nationally focused SEO campaign that allowed them to be found in search and build relevant website traffic quickly.  We emphasized core products using Google Text Ads to augment organic search positioning and to increase website conversions.  The client launched an online catalog on their website, and we were able to leverage this online resource to increase exposure for online products.

By making marketing a priority, and getting constant input and assistance from the client, by the middle of October 2020, we have been able to accomplish the following:

  1. Web traffic now is coming from results for search terms that emphasize the core and most profitable services offered by this firm.
  2. The company has grown sales by  5x over 2015.
  3. The company is now competing with market leaders nationally and internationally.

Overall, the marketing strategy and tactics we’ve implemented for our client has led to dramatic increases in sales.  Additionally, our targeting has allowed them to focus on the type of business that they prefer to complete and clients they wish to work with.

Here is a quote from our client about our services:

I have been working directly with Eric and the Zenergy team for 3 years on behalf of a tech company. Not only have they have helped our company achieve excellent SEO and SEM results, but they are all extremely responsive, accommodating, and knowledgeable about the latest Google algorithm changes and strategies.

If you would like to find out more about how Zenergy Works can help your business to grow, please contact us.   Your initial consultation is free.   The client outlined here is available to discuss how their business has been changed by our marketing efforts.

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