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Link Baiting, Viral Marketing and Social Media Consulting

Viral marketing is something of an enigma, even among many seasoned marketing agencies. It can be orchestrated or accidental, paid or organic. The virality can come from successfully hitting the right target, or it can be due to unintentional hilarity. For the purposes of online marketing, however, you don’t want to focus energy on what you can’t control. So what are the tangible, actionable ways you can encourage your content to become viral?

Understanding Social Media

Since the advent of social media, the marketing landscape has changed completely. Where television and radio once ruled, internet marketing has outstripped them by leaps and bounds. Today, consumers are more likely to seek information online before they go anywhere else, and the average person spends hours every week on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. The game is, as they say, afoot. In order to keep in step, it’s important to understand the medium.

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All too often, companies are under the mistaken impression that social media marketing means creating an account, throwing up some pictures and information about sales, and calling it a day. Not only is this example ineffective, it can actually be damaging to your brand. Consumers of the internet era require two things: authenticity and interesting or beneficial content. These things require time, effort, and strategy on the part of your marketing team. If you don’t have a dedicated department that can invest that time, you’ll find online marketing a steep mountain to climb.

Quality Viral Marketing

The first step is in understanding what makes quality viral marketing. One of the go-to tactics of knowledgeable marketers is link baiting — the practice of creating appealing content that encourages sharing. This sort of content can come in many forms. Many sites use listicles, infographics, eye-catching images, humor, controversial topics, and other similar attention-grabbing content. Consider for a moment the type of articles that catch your interest and get you to click. What about them sticks out to you? If you can create interesting, easily-digestible, informative, entertaining, or breaking news style content, you’re on the right track.

You’ll also notice that the most successful sites — Buzzfeed and Upworthy are excellent examples — have mastered the art of drawing people in with a gripping headline. These are the headlines that create a sense of intrigue and urgency, inspiring people to follow to get the full story. They’re also known as “clickbait.” If you see a headline along the lines of “He Proposed to Her in Central Park and You’ll Never Believe What Happened Next,” you know it hooks people in. The trick is keeping them on the page once they click, which means you have to deliver on the headline’s promise. If you can do that, you’ve struck social sharing gold.

Not sure you have the in-house manpower to spare on this sort of marketing effort? No problem. You can find skilled social media consulting and creative online marketing through Zentiv. With over 13 years in the business, we’re well-versed on what makes online users click, stick, and buy. Don’t waste time and effort throwing out lines and hoping someone bites. We’ll help you choose the best bait.

What is the Best Content Strategy for My Business?

According to Google, creating valuable content is key to both successful SEO and creating website user engagement and conversion.

Essentially, the steps are:Content Is King!

  1. Identify customer needs.
  2. Go beyond the blog post!
  3. Proper titles are essential.

A brand must determine who their customers are and create relevant content for them. Using second level data, focus groups or simply talking to your customers are great ways to discover what they want.

If a bike shop continuously receives questions about the different types of mountain bikes, then it would be wise for the bike shop to write about the different types of mountain bikes. Furthermore, if data shows heavy traffic to a particular product page, the retailer would want to create content around that specific product.

Blogging isn’t the only advertising brands should be creating, although blogging is a fantastic source for promoting, brands don’t want to become stuck only creating long form content. Using multiple channels is ideal, such as social media, video content, vines, and infographics are all great ways to expand your brands reach. Being able to use the same content in multiple ways is profitable for your brand– take our bike shop for example. If mountain bikes are a hot topic why not create an infographic of different mountain bikes, or a YouTube channel focusing on Mountain Bikes? Re-purposing content is a simple way to create a larger audience.

The title of your content is also huge when it comes to attracting attention to your copy. It is crucial that the title is relevant to your content, it is fun to come up with clever and witty titles, just make sure it is simple enough to understand and relevant to your topic. If our bike shop is writing about mountain bikes but the title is “Four Ways to Concur a Mountain” potential readers may become confused. Be sure to use keywords in your title to help increase your SEO initiatives.

FAQs and Blog Posts are an important part of every content plan. It is key for online marketing success to be upfront with the information your potential customers want to know in the navigation of your website.

If you have questions about your content plan, or would like to discuss any SEO or online marketing concerns that you have, please reach out to us.  We are here to help!