Email Marketing Agency Berkeley CA

Email Marketing Agency Berkeley CA

Searching for an effective email marketing agency for your Berkeley, CA business? Zenergy Works is located in the North Bay and happy to assist companies throughout the Bay Area with their email marketing. This includes initial strategy, creating a template, content plan and copywriting, buying email lists, A/B testing, sending out emails, and preparing data reports to measure success. Our experienced team takes over every step of the process and covers all the little details, like finding the ideal time to send emails (there’s a science to it!).

Emailis a cheap and effective way to connect with your clientele. If you aren’t regularly communicating with your customers through email, you are missing an opportunity. But it can take up a chunk of time. We work directly with your company’s internal marketing or communications team to create and implement a dynamic strategy. Our email marketing agency takes the stress and hassle from your Berkeley, CA business so you can focus on other things. Our email marketing company takes over the process from start to finish, and provides clear data on open rates, click through rates, and conversions based on our efforts.

We offer custom plans based on your organization’s needs and goals. Are you a non-profit planning a capital campaign? Are you a CPG business ramping up for holiday season? Are you a restaurant or winery that needs to stay in regular contact with your customers? Are you a service provider that wants to remind clientele to come back for regular appointments? This is our wheelhouse! We aren’t sure what a wheelhouse is, but we know email marketing. Our experienced email marketing agency offers all services in-house for your Berkeley, CA business. We work closely with our sister agency, TIV Branding, to provide a full team with a diverse range of skills. This includes staff web developers, marketing strategists, and content writers who are ready to take your emails to the next level. Let us help you get connected. Contact Zenergy Works today.

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