Email Marketing Services Sonoma

Email Marketing Services Sonoma

How to Use Email Marketing Services in Sonoma County

As technology continues to grow and online marketing reaches into every aspect of daily users’ lives, email remains an incredibly valuable tool for reaching new and existing customers. When you’re building a business in a competitive industry or trying to be seen by people visiting the area amid other big players, a multi-tiered marketing plan is a must, and that plan should include email marketing services targeting people interested in Sonoma County.

We live in a prime location for tourism, wine, food, and leisure. More than that, we enjoy a thriving local community of people who need access to routine goods and services, as well as all the special small businesses that make our county special. These audiences can be reached with targeted email marketing services that utilize a smart email drip system, audience segmentation, and effective headlines copy and creative.

Making Email Work For You

Email marketing is best as part of a larger overall marketing plan, but a skillfully run email campaign can offer high open rates, clickthrough rates, engagement and ultimately, sales. To make this work, it’s vital to understand your audience, what they’re looking for, and what’s likely to make them take another look at what you’re offering. Email marketing services for Sonoma area businesses might make liberal use of a drip system to increase repeat purchases for a winery or small retail company, while targeting out-of-area visitors might be of prime importance to a hotel or event center.

Either way, when it comes to truly mastering the email marketing domain, it’s vital to have an experienced online marketing professional on your side. At Zenergy Works, we’ve spent the past decade and more building a digital marketing agency that specializes in finding our local customers’ target audiences and bringing them to their door, whether that door is physical or digital. From vintage clothing boutiques to auto body shops to wineries and more, we understand how to make email marketing services work to bring in Sonoma locals or visitors.

In addition to our email services, we are a full-service digital agency that offers packages including web design, search engine optimization, social media optimization, paid advertising, and all the other marketing pieces you need to complete the puzzle. With our sister company, TIV Branding, we also offer extensive creative design options like logo rebranding or brochure design for traditional marketing. We’re here to help you succeed.

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