Legacy Platform Editing Instructions

How to Edit Your Website

This guide will walk you through how to make changes to the site. It is completed in order as the pages appear in your site. If at any time while you are following these steps and you become concerned or confused, just call- 877-932-7496.

Make Changes to a Web Page
Add or Upload a Photo in Novice Mode
Fix Images in Novice Mode That Are Not Visible
Upload Multiple Images at Once to Your Website
Add New Page to Your Website
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Make Changes to a Web Page:


Note – No changes will be affected online until you click the “Update” button.

  1. Login to the Business Editor
  2. Select a page to make changes to and Click the “edit” option for that page. Clicking delete will in fact delete the page immediately. IF you do this on accident, please call 877-932-7496 immediately.Edit
  3. This will bring you to the page to make changes. It will allow you to change the page title and the page content.Note: Images will only display as a placeholder box and not the actual image.
  4. You can change the Page Title (A). This appears in the internet browser title bar and, depending on you website’s configuration, within the navigation options on the website.
  5. You can change the Page Content (B), highlighted in yellow below. This area will display the page as you would see it on the actual website. Using the tools you can add or edit text, adjust text & paragraph properties, plus more.(If the tools are not visible, turn NOVICE Mode on)Edit Page
  6. For advanced HTML editing, click on “Source” within the tool options, to modify the HTML code directly.For help with editing HTML, visit these online tutorial websites.
  7. When you are done with your changes click the “Update” button (C) at the lower right of the page. The changes to the page will now be live on your website.

Add or Upload a Photo in Novice Mode:

  1. In the edit page screen, click your mouse on the page where you would like to add an image, then click on the “Insert/Edit Photo” icon above.tools
  2. Within the Image Properties box that opens click “Browse Server”image properties
  3. A window will appear that shows all of the images that are currently uploaded to your website. You may click on an existing image to select it or click “Browse” to upload a new image.upload images
  4. A window will popup that allows you to find the image on your computer’s hard drive that you would like to add. Select the new image and click “Open”.(Images should be 72 dpi resolution and sized to the same size you want them displayed on the website)
  5. Then click “Upload” to send the new image to the website.
  6. The image will now show up in the Image Properties box. Click “OK” to add the image to the website.images properties
  7. Click “Update Custom Page Info” on the page to apply the changes you have made.

Fix Images in Novice Mode That Are Not Visible:

  1. While in the edit page screen in Novice Mode, right click the image. Select “Image Properties” from the menu.Image Properties
  2. If the image is not displaying, but it has already been uploaded to the website then you will want to confirm the image URL (online web address of the image). For the image to display properly within this novice editor, it needs your full website address listed before the image location.image URL
  3. For this example the image is located at… /images/p_news.jpgAdd your website domain name to the beginning, so it looks like… http://www.example.com/images/p_news.jpgupdate URL
  4. After entering the new location for the image, it should display in the preview window.Click “OK” to confirm your change. Click “Update Custom Page Info” on the page to apply the changes you have made.

Upload Multiple Images at Once to Your Website:

  1. To Upload images Click on “Upload Multiple Images”Upload Multiple Images
  2. Selected images individually by Clicking “Browse” (A). This will bring up a window to browse your local computer for the image to add. Find the image and select open. The file patch should now display next to the browse button you clicked on. To select an additional image, click on the next “Browse” button.
  3. Once all the images are selected, click on “Upload Images” (B) to add them to the Image Repository.Click Browse
  4. A window will appear, informing that the images uploaded successfully. Click “Here” to proceed to the Image Repository.
  5. This page shows a list of images currently uploaded to your website. You may click “edit” to view image details.Image Details

Add New Page to Your Website:

  1. Select “Custom” from the drop down box and click “Add”Add New Page
  2. The new page is now created and ready to edit.

Reference Sites for HTML Editing: