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Choosing the right marketing agency for your San Jose business can make all the difference in the world in a competitive industry. There are hundreds of different verticals currently working to be seen in the San Jose area, from tech startups to auto repair. Building an online profile that works requires the insight and experience of a dedicated digital marketing agency that understands the local market and can apply that knowledge to your digital campaigns, from your website responsiveness to your content marketing. With the support of an online marketing agency, you can see a dramatic improvement in your company’s visibility both online and off.

Here’s what a versatile marketing agency like Zenergy Works and its sister company, TIV Branding, can provide for your San Jose business:

SEO - Marketing Agency San Jose

  • Website design
  • Logo or branding design or redesign
  • Website responsiveness & mobile compatibility
  • Content marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Social media management
  • Search engine analytics reports
  • Online advertisements
  • Remarketing options
  • Email marketing
  • Online creatives for all your accounts and properties
  • Brochure and paper mailing design
  • And much more!

With nearly two decades of experience navigating the online landscape under our belts, our team of digital marketing agency professionals has the tools necessary to bring your company’s digital footprint to the forefront. Your website and web presence is the first impression most potential customers get for your business, so it’s vital to show them the best upfront. A combination of quality content, SEO, good website design, and an easy-to-use user interface will go a long way. When combined with effective online marketing strategies, you’ll outstrip your competition and connect with local customers.

Have questions? Our team would love to answer. Our marketing agency serves clients in San Jose and the Bay Area from our location in Northern California. We have experience in dozens of verticals, from hospitality and customer service to the medical and legal fields. We’d love to hear more about your business and help you come up with a comprehensive digital plan!

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