Polly Klaas Foundation


Website: www.pollyklaas.org

The Polly Klaas Foundation is a beloved non-profit in Petaluma where staff and volunteers work tirelessly to help bring missing children home. Recognizing the power of social media for viral exposure, they turned to Facebook and Twitter. In the last nine months, their Facebook following has increased by 1,000 organic (not purchased) followers, which is an increase of nearly 60%. This was achieved through posting multiple times a week and crafting sharable content, as well as community management that inspired fans to spread the word and recommend the page to their friends.

With a combination of informative and inspirational posts paired with sharable images, Reach and Engagement continue to grow, spreading PKF’s message around the country. More users than ever before are sharing missing children posters with their feed in an effort to bring children home to their families. All of this was achieved with monthly management and virtually no advertising spend. PKF’s Facebook page is currently growing by just over 200 followers a month and climbing.