Sonoma County Fair


For the 2013 Fair, the Sonoma County Fairgrounds wanted to make a big splash on social media, which was a medium they’d only dabbled with in the past. They’d worked with other firms in the past that created plans that the fair runners were expected to implement themselves, which they didn’t have time for during the height of Fair season. So the Fairgrounds came to Zenergy Works for ideas. ZW suggested a two-part contest to increase visibility and engagement on social media, with ZW taking management responsibility. Two weeks before the Fair, Phase 1 was launched, resulting in over 400 organic Likes and more than 300 email leads. Phase 2 was launched on the first day of the Fair, resulting in over 450 additional organic Likes and 92 more email leads. During the height of the Fair, reach levels on the Facebook page were close to 90% due to high engagement.

All total, during the four-week period of the contests’ run, the Facebook page received over 1300 organic Likes, at least 850 of which were directly linked to the contest. The contest saw high engagement and participation, with Insights illustrating the clear spike in activity after the contest’s launch. The client felt it was a successful experiment and was very pleased with the results.