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California SEO Company Works for Local Businesses

In the ever-expanding world of Internet marketing, the competition is fierce for small and mid-sized businesses. Companies offering services ranging from search engine optimization to web design seem to pop up and fade out of existence daily as they attempt to cash in on the growing panic surrounding businesses who want to get their foot in the metaphorical door before it slams shut. Of those agencies, only a select few are working directly with Google through their Google Engage program to provide concrete benefits to their clients. Zenergy Works of Santa Rosa, CA is one of those agencies.

Zenergy Works has been in the business of web design and Internet marketing for nearly a decade, which gives them perspective into the industry that other fly-by-night startups don’t always grasp. By putting this insight to good use, they’ve pulled numerous businesses out of Internet obscurity and given them prominent first-page placement on search engines. They were thrilled to become part of the Google Engage program because they knew it would bring even better service to their clients, the majority of whom are small and mid-sized business owners from across the country.

“We understand the plight of small and local businesses trying to make waves on the search engines because we’re a small and local business,” said Managing Partner Bryan Fikes. “We’ve been doing this long enough to know what achieves real results, and many of our clients have seen exponential growth in their traffic and online presence because of it. Working with Google Engage gives us even more support and knowledge to pass on to our customers.”

Zenergy Works takes a localized approach for many of its clients. Small, single-location businesses don’t need to be ranked in search engines for the entire country; they need prominent placement for their resident potential customers. With the addition of paid advertising and Google Engage’s support, a small or mid-sized business working amidst large chain competitors can still make themselves seen, and that makes all the difference in the high-stakes online world.

Bryan Fikes is the Chief Strategist and a Managing Partner of Zenergy Works in Santa Rosa, California. The company and its employees have years of experience in web development and Internet marketing. They’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, ranging from small Mom & Pop’s to national distributors, and helped them achieve a solid online presence. Zenergy Works provides services for SEO, paid advertising, social media optimization, web design, and more. They are a Google Engage Agency.

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