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If your company has a website that doesn’t display properly on mobile devices, it’s time to hire an expert responsive website design service! As of 2019, it’s projected that over 60% of web searches in the US will be from mobile devices; that means if your company’s website isn’t responsive, you may be losing out on a lot of traffic – and business. If you’re ready to update your website to the new standard, turn to a highly knowledgeable, professional web development service! At Zenergy Works, we build stunning websites that are not only responsive, but beautiful, creative and a perfect representation of your brand. Whether your company serves the local Dublin CA community or offers nationwide service, we’ll help you stand out of the crowd!

Responsive web design works by essentially using media queries to determine the best resolution to use to display a website based on the device being used. In today’s world, responsive web design services are essential. Not only does it help your audience find you and your products or services regardless of the device they’re using, but it can significantly help your website’s search ranking. Every business wants their website on page 1 of Google, right? In the past few years, Google has made it clear that responsive design is on their list of best practices – which in Google-speak translates to giving higher rankings to websites that fall into their recommendations.

Why Go With a Responsive Design

Responsive website design service is typically more expensive than traditional web design, however, it’s one of the best investments businesses of any size can make for their digital marketing purposes. As a full-service digital marketing company, we offer not only expert web development service, but a wide range of comprehensive services that are complementary to your website and greatly enhance your online presence and marketing goals. Our team specializes in creating unique campaigns that creatively capture your branding and effectively communicate with your audience.

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Some of the services we offer include SEO, email marketing, social media optimization, blogging, e-commerce, and graphic design. That’s by no means a comprehensive list! We specialize in all things digital marketing and have a proven track record of helping our clients achieve the results they desire. Check out some of our fantastic testimonials, like this one from Blake at Central Avenue Automotive Inc:

“I have been a customer for about 7 months and have seen my business increase 20 % and my Internet spending drop over $1000 per month I am now the top of Bing, Google and yahoo The service that I receive from them is amazing they always answer the phones and answer my questions I can reach out to them any time and they are always there for me this was the best marketing decision I have ever made for my Business. Zenergy defiantly works for me!”

Are you ready to learn more about how responsive web design can effectively help your Dublin CA business increase profitability and dramatically boost your online presence? Contact us today at 707-360-1402 or fill out our online form to request a free quote!

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