All You Have to Do Is Ask…

Five Star ReviewsLook, everyone loves 5 gold stars for their business pages. Facebook, Yelp, Google, Trip Adviser, whatever it may be we want great ratings. Ratings can have an enormous impact on your business – but did you know ratings also make an impact on SEO?

Reviews on your site as well as third party sites make up nearly 10% of your overall ranking.

That is a big chunk that you simply cannot ignore. The search engine is looking at several factors when considering reviews, factors such as quality, diversity, customer experience, and relevance. So how do we receive more reviews for SEO purposes? To find out, just keep reading…

  1. Ask For Them – duh. The most effective way to ask for review is to have have a strong CTA – most reviews come post purchase so encouraging your shoppers to leave reviews can prove to be effective.
  2. Make It Easy – You will need a ridiculously low barrier to entry for people to leave reviews. Make sure your review page is mobile friendly with little to no hurdles to go through.
  3. Incentive reviews – reward your shoppers for leaving reviews. Points programs or discounts off future purchases always helps.
  4. Profanity Filter – Search Engines look down on bad words as well as customers. Use a profanity filter on the review sites to help keep the reviews clean.

If you are lucky enough to have customers who want to leave reviews for your business don’t screw it up by getting in their and your way. Make life easy for them, after all they are your valued customers!

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