Another Google Algorithm Update?

Algorithm Update

Google may have made some more adjustments to their algorithms in the first week of February. The adjustment appears to affect how Google targets spam links and other forms of spam. Google would not officially confirm or deny there was an algorithm update. Most of the discussion of this Google update on line is from sites who routinely use “black hat” tactics and have run afout of the former Penguin update that is now part of the Google core algorithms.

Many Google search results tracking tools, like MozCast, Algoroo, RankRanger are showing significant turbulence in the first week of February. This movement is despite the fact that those of us in the SEO trade that practice “white hat” optimization did not really even notice an update. All of this evidence points to an algorithm update of Google evaluates and discredits or penalizes for spam links.

Eric Van Cleave is CEO of Zenergy Works, a Santa Rosa California based SEO firm and zentiv agency, a 360 advertising agency also located in Santa Rosa.

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