The Changing Face Of Social Media

In the ever revolving door that is social media, it seems there are updates to social channels on a daily basis. Following is a list of social channel features that we have highlighted for you including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Yelp.

Facebook has launched a “Feed Quality Panel” that has surveyed over a thousand people to elaborate on their social experience and give feedback to enhance user experience. Facebook has released new metrics for video, which allows the creator to see how long a viewer actually viewed the video and how many people watched the 10 second view option.

Twitter’s timeline change is designed to allow users to view top and relevant tweets while the user was away from their timeline for an extended period of time. Twitter also made adding GIFs substantially easier, which is great for people who don’t know how to create a GIF.

Yelp and Sprinklr have joined forces which allows for full-text reviews, analytics and insights to businesses who are on Yelp.

YouTube added a blur feature back in 2012 so users can blur out anyone’s face who didn’t approve of being in the video. Now YouTube has expanded upon the concept and you can now blur out logos and objects.

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