Email Marketing – How Do Your Email Campaigns Stack Up?

Email has become so important now that personal contact has been limited.  

The hardest thing for a business owner to know is how your email campaigns stack up with others, both within and outside of your industry.

Many of the answers are in a Study released this Spring by Campaign Monitor.  

Campaign Monitor analyzed 100 Billion emails sent during 2020 to come up with the following results.  

These results can vary by industry and region. But here are some of the “top-level” results of the study:

  • Average Open Rate-18%
  • Average Click Through Rate 2.6%
  • Average Click To Open Rate 14.1%
  • Average Unsubscribe Rate .1%

Best Day of the week to send email-Friday

Worst Day of the week to send email-Saturday

To view industry standards for your industry, or to fill out a questionnaire to get a ranking on your email program, please go to Campaign Monitor report.

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