How to Reach Customers Using Mobile Search

Local SEO services has a few different mobile search criteria-including load time and proper rendering of your site in mobile environments. Mobile Searchers are typically more tech-savvy and less patient with website shortcomings, so how can a webmaster or business owner create a mobile web presence that appeals to this new, growing and ready to buy sector of search traffic?

Mobile Search

Responsive Website Design. A responsive website design should render properly in whatever device it appears on. A complete page that renders properly on all devices will help to create high rankings for that website on mobile search, not to mention a positive user experience that will make conversion more likely.

Optimize Local Search. Local search results, like Google + Places, are designed for mobile users, who are usually searching for 3 key components: Location, Hours of Operation, and Reviews. Make sure that your local listings are complete and up to date and that you continue to encourage customers to place reviews on your local sites.

Match Analytics to Site Performance. Website analytics will show you which devices are being used to view your site, and the growth in mobile traffic. Use these numbers as a guide in optimizing your local search. Make sure that you test your site for compatibility with the browsers that your clients are using, and if you see a flat or small increase in mobile traffic, it is almost a sure sign that you are not delivering a positive mobile site user experience, as the amount of mobile searches being done is definitely growing.

Bottom Line: Mobile search is continuing to increase, and the growth in traditional search is flat or decreasing. Make sure that your mobile presence delivers a positive user experience by rendering properly in mobile search environments and providing clear information about locations, specials, hours of operation and a quick profile of your business.

Eric Van Cleave is a Partner in Zenergy Works, A Santa Rosa, California based SEO, Website Design and Development, and Online Marketing Firm.

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