Online Reviews – 5 Star Reviews

Online Reviews are the 21st century’s “word of mouth”. Any business can benefit from the exposure and feedback that comes with positive online reviews. It’s important to maintain a steady stream of four and five star reviews because they have a substantial influence on potential customers. Read this article for tips on how to get your customers to give feedback online. Once customers decide to write a review, there is a way to encourage a high rating.

Rating Five Golden Stars on Blackboard

Sometimes a customer will write a glowing review but neglect to choose a star rating. Even if the review is good, if no stars are selected it does not always bring up your business’s overall rating on Google. There is a new method to ensure that 5 stars is the default setting for every Google review. Follow this easy step-by-step guide to create a link that will take your customers straight to your Google reviews and automatically choose 5 stars.

Begin by searching for your business on Google. Make sure that the business in the right-side column is yours.


Once you are looking at the Google profile of your business, click on write a review.
When Google populates a review, look at the lengthy URL at the top of the screen. Add a 5 to the end.


Highlight and copy the entire URL.


Go to and paste the long URL into the box. This is Google’s URL shortener and will give you a more manageable URL.


Save your shortened URL. This is your unique URL that will direct customers to leave a review.


Before implementing, test the shortened URL. It should open a review with all 5 stars already gold!

Keep this URL handy on your website, in business emails, and text communication so customers can easily click to review.

Now that we’ve shown you how to pre-populate five star ratings, it’s up to you to earn those five star reviews and encourage customers to give feedback!

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