Increasing Conversions on your Website in 2016

A How-To Guide for Converting Visitors into Customers

Online marketing is complex and sometimes baffling. One of the questions I often hear from my clients is about conversion. They have traffic, they need conversion. The elements below are a simplified checklist of items needed to create more conversions from your website.

Navigation and Usability

Your website visitors must be able to find what they’re looking for when they land on your site and be easily given sufficient data to encourage them to move ahead in the sales navigation_usabilitycycle. Your website visitors should know how to reach every other section of your site from anyplace on your site.

Website Usability is measured by whether the information is presented in a clear manner and whether the design meets visitors’ expectations.  Watch your competition and competitors in other verticals and geo markets to keep up with usability trends.  You never want to lose a potential customer based on the fact that your website is “so 2010”.

Responsive Design

Most studies show that most sites can expect to have roughly 50% of their visits from mobile users.   If you do not have a responsive design that delivers a good mobile user experience, you have committed website design malpractice and you need to correct this immediately.

Strong Call to Action

In the end, the only reason to bring organic, referral and paid search visitors to your website is to encourage them to take some sort of action. That might include a free evaluation, signing up for your newsletter or whitepaper, visiting a landing page or buying a low-priced product to enter your sales funnel.  Very few actions will occur without a strong call to action.  Visitors should know exactly what to do if they find your content or products to be solutions for their needs.  It is OK to have multiple calls to action that are different for different offers or client needs.

Brand Consistency and Imaging

Be consistent with your logo, color scheme, product descriptions to allow customers to gain a favorable impression of your company and its products.  Imaging should be carefully chosen to show customers using and enjoying the benefits of using your products and services.  Be consistent and proud of your brand.  If the brand reflects the true culture of your business, keep it in place, if not, get some help from a branding professional to bring it up to date.

zenergyworksTestimonials, Certifications and Awards

Your website visitors want to know that other customers have successfully worked with your company and enjoyed a positive experience with the products and services that  you offer.

Include customer testimonials praising your firm. Post case studies detailing customers’ success stories. Include new about awards, certifications, and honors that are bestowed upon your firm.   Do not under-emphasize the number of years you have been in business or the fact that your firm may be family-owned.  Once considered trite, these facts have meaning in today’s world.

Social Media Links

A strong social media presence can be a valuable asset for your business. If you’re not at least on Facebook or Twitter, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to connect with that audience.

Place social media links and icons on your site to encourage social engagement.  Customers liked to be reached in the medium with which they are comfortable.

Introducing zentiv:


Zenergy Works would like to announce the newest member of our family of companies — zentiv.

zentiv is a creative agency designed to help with branding, sophisticated graphics and design, product packaging, market research, social media and good old fashioned good marketing advice.



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