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Google introduced their Google Trusted Phographer program was launched in January of 2012, and now it is within the reach of Santa Rosa Business Owners and Managers. This program, which is implemented by Zenergy Works with a Google-Approved professional photographer, offers an interactive, 360-degree view of your place of business, as well as a tool to improve rankings in the Google Local Listings for keywords relevant to your business. Take a moment and review the Google Trusted Photographer tour that was created for Friedmans Home Improvement in Santa Rosa. This tour is connected to the new Google + Local Listings listing for Friedman’s and allows new visitors to the Google Local Listings for Santa Rosa to have an interactive, 360 degree view of the store that they are going to visit.

Additional Benefits

Google Trusted Photography is especially valuable for Restaurants, Retail Stores, Service Businesses like Auto Repair and Specialty Stores. The good news for small business owners is that Google is not making this program available initially for Corporate and Large National Retailers. This is truly a forum for local business to shine.

The Google Trusted Photographer program is also accessible to mobile device users, so customers that are on the run and need the goods and services that you sell, they will be able to preview your place of business from their Google + Local Listings. Santa Rosa Merchants that have already taken advantage of the program,  to create a positive first impression online for their business and help to improve their Google + Places rankings.

For the direct route to a Google Trusted Photographer in Santa Rosa, California, contact Zenergy Works today and have one of our experienced Online Marketers walk you through the process step by step and get your Google Photography online in a manner of days.

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