Social Media Agency Berkeley CA

Social Media Agency Berkeley CA

Is your business looking for a social media agency in Berkeley, CA? You might have a lot of questions. What platform should I use? How much money should I put into ads? Should I put money into ads? How do I even buy ads? Or you might not have questions at all. You may just want a social media marketing agency that can take over everything for you. We work with clients who have a range of social media marketing knowledge and skills. Whether you want tutorials on how to set up and manage social media yourself (or one of your employees) or you want us to take over every step of the process, we can help.

Zenergy Works, partnered with our sister agency, TIV Branding, offers a full range of digital marketing services. For folks looking for a social media agency in Berkeley, CA, we are able to provide all services in-house thanks to our staff marketing strategists, content writers, graphic designers, and web developers. We can create an initial social media marketing strategy based on your business goals, set up social media accounts, train your employees on social media, prepare content calendars a month in advance for your approval, post content and run ads, and prepare data to show results. We can run specific campaigns based on your business needs, such as brand awareness. It’s not just about likes! It’s ultimately about driving users to convert, whether that means contacting your business, buying from your e-commerce site, signing up for your newsletter, or another action. We run every campaign with a specific goal in mind so we can measure our results. Throughout the process, you always have access to our social media expert should any questions arise.  

Our social media agency can be an important part of your Berkeley, CA business’s digital marketing strategy. Together with our sister company, TIV Branding, we offer a range of services based on your business needs, including search engine optimization, website design, branding and logo design, graphic design, and more. We create custom plans based on your organization’s needs. Contact us today to get started.

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