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Zenergy Works is a Google Engage Agency!

Zenergy Works becomes a Google Engage AgencyBecoming a Google Engage Agency to Support Our Clients

As of this week, Zenergy Works is ecstatic to announce that we’ve become a Google Engage Agency, entering the ranks of companies dedicated to serving their customers with tippy-top-tier extra service. Google Engage is a program that exists to help agencies provide their small and mid-size clients gain even better traction with their paid search engine marketing. The benefits of working with this program are clear: better support, access to Google’s own Pay-Per-Click experts, and great discounts. Not only do they help us, but we get to pass this fantastic coverage and discounting down to our clients.

Best of all, it means even stronger and more targeted paid Google advertising.

If done poorly or incorrectly, AdWords campaigns can quickly become a money-suck. When you’re paying for every click, it’s important to make sure you’re targeting the correct keywords, monitoring for click fraud, and keeping an eye on which ads are pulling their weight. This is an important process that really needs weekly, if not daily, maintenance to ensure everything is operating optimally and not working against you rather than for you.

AdWords is one of those slippery creatures where you can know just enough to be dangerous with it. Before you know it, your costs are climbing but the clicks you’re paying for aren’t converting. There are a number of different tools that can help you achieve better results and control who sees your ads, but they’re not much use unless you know they’re there and know how to use them effectively. If you know what you’re doing, your search engine marketing can be dialed down to posting specific ads at specific times to specific locations. If you’re not sure how to utilize those features, it can be a big headache with no rhyme or reason. It’s not easy, but that’s what we’re here for. Now that we’re operating as a Google Engage Agency, we will rock the socks off your marketing efforts.

We’ve always existed to take the pain out of online marketing for our clients. The murky world of search engines and websites and keywords and display advertising can just get to be too much. We get it, and we’re always happy to take that stress away, as any good marketing agency should. Google Engage will play an integral part in making us even better at our job, and we’re beyond excited to get to put it to use.

Our goal isn’t to be the best gosh darn Google Engage Agency in the Universe or anything. We’ll settle for Planet Earth. Either way, we going to give our clients the very best in Internet and search engine marketing. What have you been hearing about Google Engage?

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