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What’s New for August 2, 2013 – Social Satisfaction, City Experts, Responsive Ad Units

Social Site Satisfaction Scores Dropping

ForeSee found that satisfaction scores for social media sites dropped a point from 69 to 68 in 2013. Specific Social Media Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest saw gains in their satisfaction scores, while Google+ showed a dramatic decline. Full results are in the table below.

Social Media SatisfactionSource: ForSee Results/ACSI (2013)

When asked to pinpoint areas of decreased satisfaction, most users pointed to the presence of ads. Social Sites must continue to balance the equation between advertising and user satisfaction.

Google Recruits “City Experts” to Write Google+ Reviews

Google is soliciting Google+ users to become “City Experts.”

To qualify as a City Expert you have to be an active reviewer on Google+ — defined as 50 reviews total, 5 reviews per month average. Incentives to join are as follows:

  • Free swag
  • Online recognition
  • Access to exclusive events in their local areas

Google is struggling to get local reviews and the company is trying a number of things. Only time will tell if this tactic will work.

Google+ City Experts

Google Launches New Ad Unit For Responsive Sites

Google has launched a new beta test for a responsive AdSense unit that is specifically designed to run on sites featuring responsive design.

Developers can use the same kind of CSS media queries used in building their responsive sites to build these responsive ad units. This, Google says, gives advertisers the ability to “now dynamically specify the size of the ad that will be served, adapting it to fit the way your site renders a page on a particular device.” The only thing developers need to ensure is that the size of the ad unit they specify for each screen size matches one of Google’s standard ad sizes.

Google continues to encourage the use of responsive design techniques wherever possible.

Bottom Line:  Google is busy with updates and trying to ensure that they remain the leader in search. Consumers have spoken on the subject of too many online ads or ads that do not fit within the context of the content being viewed. Now the question becomes how social sites will continue to deliver ads, and generate revenues, without losing their audience.

Eric Van Cleave is a Partner in Zenergy Works, A Santa Rosa, California based Website Development, SEO and Online Marketing Firm.

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