Resources to Help You Hire Smart People

Hiring smart people seems like a pretty simple idea, right? Sometimes it’s easier said than done. If you are in the service industry it is crucial you hire the right people because your employees are the ones creating content, creating campaign initiatives and (hopefully) providing excellent customer service.

Many companies and managers take pride in the ability to read people and having the eye to pick out great talent, however, what should be lurking in the background of most businesses is recruitment software. Here is a list of the top recruitment software to consider when looking to acquire talent.

resources to hire smart people

Zoho, Recruiterbox, ICIMS, and Workable

Zoho is amazing because it is free to get started and it has great invoicing, CRM, and help desk offerings. Recruiterbox provides a free trial and a pay-as-you-go option if you prefer. ICIMS is great at attracting and engaging candidates, even if the potential employee isn’t quite ready to apply for the job. Workable helps enable hiring managers to submit job openings to multiple networks and hiring options easily.

Hiring the right person is incredibly important, because hiring the wrong person is costly to creating and upholding a successful business. Take your time and be sure the person is right for your company and the position they are interested in!


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