What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization

S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) is the practice of changing the structure, site map, link structure, site text and other factors to improve your organic search engine positioning. Search Engine criteria are constantly changing, especially with Google, and knowledge of current search engine search criteria is key to making sure that your website will be found via organic search. The online landscape has become very competitive, and very few companies are able to attain high organic search rankings without professional help. It is not enough to increase the quantity of search engine traffic, but the quality of the traffic must be addressed as well through analysis of the most profitable products offered by the client and rigorous keyword research.

What is White Hat SEO?

White Hat, or ethical engine optimization is the practice of following accepted standards to optimize a web site to rank high in organic search results and attract more search engine traffic. As a general rule, White Hat tactics will stand the test of time and will maintain positive results for websites that employ proper tactics. Black Hat Optimization is the use of search engine tactics that may create a “shortcut” to higher search engine traffic. Some Black Hat tactics can result in a website being “de-listed” and eliminated from SERP, or Search Engine Results Pages. As a result, Zenergy Works employs only White Hat tactics on behalf of our clients.

What is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat optimization is the practice of using SEO shortcuts like hiding white text on white background, spamming keyword tags with hundreds of keywords, or cloaking as shortcuts to the SEO process. Search Engines consider these tactics “cheating”, and counter to providing good information and solid search engine results to search engine users. Penalties for Black Hat tactics can include having your website “delisted”, which means the website will not be indexed and therefore not found as a result in the SERP.

At Zenergy Works, we don’t employ Blackhat tactics to try and fool the Search Engines, we use approved techniques that meet Guidelines for webmasters.

Why is my site not showing up in the search engines Such as: Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing or the other major search engine's?

Google has a checklist of 220 items that must be complied with to be a perfect website for the search engines. Some of the requirements are simple, like having a domain name that is registered for a term of more than one year, the longer the better. Many of the other require technical knowledge, like robot.text and 301 redirects. Creating a proper link structure is key, as is the written content and the actual site map of the website. At Zenergy Works, we have a team of professionals, each specializing in one or more phases of SEO for your website. Contact us today for a free quote.

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Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization

The internet is a wealth of information, if you know how and where to find the information and interpret it correctly. At Zenergy Works, our keyword research starts with identifying your most profitable and desirable products, and then using a number of different research vehicles to determine the exact keyword streams that search engine users are putting into search engines to find your business, and making sure that we are optimizing your website for the most popular keyword searches in your area. Our keyword research can focus in on an area as small as a 10 mile radius from your location to attract customers who will come to your business to spend. You know what products you need to sell to make your business profitable, and we know how to find clients search for those products online.

My keywords are on page one, not getting any business

If you find yourself in this situation, there are many issues that can be causing this. You may be optimized for the wrong keywords, not enough keywords, or too many keywords. Your website must also have clear next steps to have a potential new customer take. Do you want a new customer to call, request a quote, come in to the store, or buy online? Choosing the correct keywords and a strong and clear call to action on your website are vital to the success of any website marketing campaign.

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How can I be successful with SEO?

Here are the basics:

  • Have a search engine friendly website
  • Install conversion methods on your website
  • Work with a white hat SEO company
  • Work with a seo company with proven results
  • Be involved with your website-make it an integral part of your overall marketing campaign.
  • Manage your website-keep it updated with a strong call to action

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