Management Team

Eric Van Cleave

Partner, CEO and Digital Director

Eric Van Cleave is the Chief Executive Officer/Digital Director of  Zenergy Works and our sister firm, TIV Branding.  Eric joined the firm in 2000 after a career in Banking, Real Estate and Mortgages.  Eric and his team specialize in creating custom digital marketing plans for businesses, with an emphasis on targeting the most desirable and profitable prospects for their clients.  We enjoy the challenge of working with extremely focused audience segments, and use SEO, content marketing, and all forms and platforms of paid and display ads to get results for our client.  

Zenergy Works and Tiv Branding have launched over 4,000 websites since 2001, and continue to be leaders in helping their clients to create dominant and profitable online presences.

Cathy Macy

Partner and CFO

CathyCathy Macy serves as the CFO for New Generation Media, LLC and Zenergy Works.   She supervises the budget and financial reporting of the company, as well as cash flow projections and general oversight of the accounting processes.  Cathy currently also holds the position of CFO for EAH Housing after joining the company as Controller in 1989 . As CFO, she is responsible for the complete financial data for all EAH managed properties and EAH corporate, and predevelopment and development accounting.

Cathy has over 25 years accounting experience. Prior to joining EAH, she was Assistant Controller for the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation for Receivership Operations. Among other services, this company took over troubled banking associations.

Cathy was also employed for five years as an accounting supervisor for a savings and loan association with subsidiary companies in areas to include construction, mortgage and real estate. She was responsible for all aspects of accounting for the various companies acquired by the savings and loan.

Cathy is the Treasurer for Women’s Cancer Awareness Group, headquartered in Petaluma, California.  Cathy is also an Elder at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Glen Ellen, California.

Cathy is Married with 5 Children and is now a Grandmother.  She enjoys hiking, RVing and spending time with her family, including her Labrador Retrievers Bessie and Blitz.

Zenergy Works and TIV

Zenergy Works has partnered with TIV, a branding agency that shares our passion for meeting client goals and coming up with creative and cost effective solutions. We have brought our digital marketing mastery and paired it with TIV’s skill in brand design, packaging, and traditional marketing, to bring superior service to our clients. We offer the same excellent SEO, web development, and e-commerce services, with an additional capacity to create beautiful and effective design.

Brandt Hoekenga

Founder and Creative Director

BrandtBrandt is the creative mastermind behind Zenergy Works and TIV. After several years as Creative Director at DeLoach Vineyards, he started his own freelance design company, TIV (previously called Hoekenga Design) in 2002. He has worked with local and national brands in a variety of industries, including food, wine, and even designing packaging for an organic fertilizer. As a graphic designer and head of the Creative Department, he has worked on a cornucopia of different marketing projects ranging from packaging, advertising, and websites to billboards, company brochures, and even illustrations. His top-notch creative skills are matched with a strong foundation in the practicalities of design, which includes researching and making sure a design can be translated accurately onto certain packaging and products and that the design fits with the overall message of the brand. Most of all, he is dedicated to his work, whether the task at hand is a brainstorming session, re-branding a company, or developing designs for an outstanding digital presence.

Christy Hoekenga

Partner and Graphic Designer

ChristyChristy began her career in the wine industry, working for DeLoach Vineyards and later Ferrari-Carano Vineyards & Winery under the Director of Marketing & Sales. She joined TIV when it was called Hoekenga Design, in 2004. She works closely with Brandt to push creative boundaries and brainstorm innovative solutions for our clients. Christy is a natural-born creative whose main focus is production and design. She also has turned her love of food into expertise in recipe development and food styling. Her creative artistry and design acumen are accentuated by her fun loving nature and master event planning skills.

Britta Foster


BrittaBritta is a classically trained marketer who has learned to merge traditional and digital marketing seamlessly. After earning her MBA at UC Davis’ Graduate School of Management, she moved south to work at Foster Farms Poultry, where she spent 10 years working in the marketing department, eventually managing the fresh chicken brand. She learned the ins and outs of marketing CPG brands and the power of great branding. Here expertise in marketing encompasses mass marketing as well as appealing to niche markets. Since joining TIV in 2009 she has had the opportunity to expand her marketing acumen beyond gourmet and works with a variety of clients in many diverse industries.

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