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What is a NAP scrub and why might you need one? NAP stands for Business Name, Address, and, Phone Number. You probably know that having this information listed on another website such as Yelp—called a citation—is a positive vote for your local listings. What you may overlook, though, is that you may have duplicate and incorrect listings that hurt your hard-earned local rankings. At Zenergy Works, we understand that votes to wrong phone numbers or older addresses on Google Map listings are no votes at all! We can clean up this misinformation, and make all your votes count. As a skilled and highly experienced full-service marketing firm, we understand how to make your rankings climb, web traffic grow and business thrive.

Implementing An Effective SEO Campaign

Consistent and correct citations are elemental to a winning local SEO campaign. Many businesses know that citations increase their local rankings, but surprisingly few understand the negative effects of duplicate and inaccurate listings. And even if you do understand the importance of this issue, you may think that simply updating your Google My Business listing will make it right. That just pushes the problem down the road. Inconsistent, duplicate, and just plain wrong citations not only hurt your local Google rankings, but they can also potentially create longer-term issues when incorrect data is scraped from citation sites such as Yelp, Yellowpages, Facebook, Bing, Angie’s List, etc.

Why Do I Need A NAP Scrub?

There are many reasons why you might require a NAP scrub. Perhaps someone along the way set up the listings without knowledge of NAP consistency. You may need to clean up your information if your business moved or you used tracking phone numbers at some point. Data aggregators may have incorrect information because your phone number was previously owned by another business, you changed your local phone number or used an 800 number instead of a local number. A different trade name or business name variations can also cause your listing to be incorrectly submitted and scraped to other sites.

With all of these variables, a NAP scrub can feel daunting, especially for businesses wrapped up in the day to day struggle to get goods and services to their customers. As one of the premier marketing strategists in the country, we can make sure Google Map listings and citation sites have consistent, exact information! We also offer a full range of internet marketing services, such as graphic design, logo design, web design, e-commerce web design, and, of course, social media optimization. To make sure every vote for your business counts, call us at 707-360-1402 or request a free quote online today!

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