Responsive Website Design Company Berkeley CA

Do you need a responsive website design company for your Berkeley, CA business? If your website traffic is dropping, one culprit could be its old technology. As mobile traffic continues to increase year over year, websites that don’t work well on mobile are getting pinged by Google and other search engines. It’s not enough to have a great website. Your business needs a great website that works on desktop and mobile.

Responsive Website Design Company Berkeley CA

What does responsive web design service mean? It means a new web design or a refresh or redesign of your existing website to ensure it works on mobile and desktop. Many features that work well on desktop do not work well on mobile. For example, if users have to scroll through a ton of content on their phones before getting to the main point of the homepage, they may simply find another website. If the page takes too long to load, they are likely to bounce. Contacting a responsive website design company for your Berkeley, CA business can ensure your website works well on whatever platform your users choose.

We work closely with our sister agency, TIV Branding, to provide a full range of in-house services for our clientele. This includes branding, logo design, responsive web design service, search engine optimization, social media optimization, and more. All of these services tie together to help your business. For example, having a responsive website design boosts your SEO and can increase your ranking on Google. Having an effective social media strategy can drive people to your website. Clear and dynamic branding is an essential part of your marketing plan for digital and offline promotional materials. Responsive design can keep users on your website and drive conversions. Every business is different, so we create a unique plan for your website. Talk to our responsive website design company about your Berkeley, CA business today.

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