Google + Company Page – How You Use It to Promote Your Google Rankings

Google is working hard to encourage the use of their Google+ social network, Because of this initiative, G+ is yielding excellent search engine placement returns for those willing to invest the time in developing their Google+ company page.

Google+ Company Page

Here are some ways that you can create positive social signals to boost your local SEO services promotion program and create better placement on Google search results.

1. Google+ company page
2. Google+ shares
3. Google +1 counter
4. Google authorship.

Google+ company page

As a Google+ user, you can also create and manage a company page tied to your website. Google has simple to follow instructions on how to create a Google+ company page.
The primary difference between a page and a personal Google+ profile is that you can’t follow individuals as a page unless they follow you first. This will make attracting page followers a bit more tedious, but the solution is timely and quality content. Make sure that the content is relevant to your business, but don’t be afraid to have a sense of humor.

Google+ shares

A share means that someone shares your link on their Google+ profile by posting to their wall. To accomplish this, you must create unique, quality content that you post to your Google circles or on your blog. This can be time consuming, but the more other G+ users share your content, the more that your Google + page will influence Search Engine Rankings.

Google+ counter

This is the little widget that you add to your site so that visitors can +1 or easily “recommend” your content to others. Plus 1 votes are a ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm. The addition of the +1 counter widget is relatively simple and excellent instructions are found at the Google Developers site. One word of caution: Getting all of your customers and friends to +1 your page on the first day of posting will not have a positive effect. Spread out the +1s over the first 30-60 days for maximum effect.

Google authorship

Google authorship connects the relevant content on your Google+ profile with your website. Search results that have an individual author’s image next to their blog, post, or website are all having a benefit from Google authorship. Google even allows a searcher to request results only from a certain author. Setting up Google Authorship is a little more involved than +1 or the company page, but can be accomplished with a little time and attention to detail.

Bottom Line: Google and Google + are here to stay. If you are making the effort to create a Google+ company page and post relevant content on your website, optimizing Google + for your business is the most efficient way to ensure that you have gains on Google search results for your efforts. Google + has become an integral part of any successful SMO or SEO campaign.

Eric Van Cleave is a Partner in Zenergy Works, A Santa Rosa, California based Website Development, SEO, SMO and Online Marketing Firm.

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