SEO Big Picture Strategies

The world of Organic Search Engine Optimization is changing quickly and many business owners are struggling to keep up. Sometimes the details of content upgrades, link structure, and the latest Panda update cause people to lose focus on the big picture. I would like to suggest that most business owners would be best served by keeping an eye on the big picture and staying away from the minutiae of search engine optimization.

Here are seven major SEO truths you can’t afford to ignore.


1. Change Is the Only Constant
It is not enough that the modern business landscape is changing rapidly. Now new technology is a concern for almost every business out there, and technological and business changes have a huge influence on the way people research and buy. To not stay informed of the changes that are out there (i.e. the explosion in mobile search) could be deadly to your business.

2. Offline & Online Marketing Need to Work Together
Your SEO, paid search, content marketing, and social media marketing all need to work together. If you are in a business vertical that still uses traditional media, then those mediums need to be added to the mix and marching to the same drummer as well.

Online reviews can influence your visibility online, and what potential customers find out about you online impacts offline sales. Your business needs to provide a unified and consistent brand experience for your customers to provide the maximum impact.

3. Your Search Rankings Are Earned and Are Not a Fixed Asset
Google owes you nothing. Don’t expect consistency or immunity from algorithm changes regardless of how long you have been in business or how successful you might be. Wise online marketing is constantly reviewing rankings and playing defensively to maintain them.

Search engines are important to attracting new customers. Losing your search engine rank could cause a significant downturn in sales.

Organic Search Engine Optimization needs constant focus and ongoing work. New, unique, and interesting content, valuable links, and willingness to try new online marketing ideas are a must in the current online marketing environment.

Bottom Line: Shortcuts and “set it and forget it” SEO strategies are in the past. Keep working at it, even when your rankings are #1. The competitive landscape is constantly changing, both from the search engine and consumer sides of the equation. Stay current!

Eric Van Cleave is a Partner in Zenergy Works, a Santa Rosa, California-based SEO, Website Development and Online Marketing firm.

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