SEO in 2019

SEO in 2019

Google and its Algorithm Updates

Just last year, Google had released a number of algorithm updates. With Google changing so frequently, one thing we can not ignore is: User Experience is important. By the end of 2018, Google released a number of algorithm updates: Mobile first indexing and Pagespeed, to name a few. User experience was huge in 2018 and we can see it being a huge part in 2019 as well.

So, what should we focus on this year?

Mobile First Indexing and the Importance of Pagespeed

With the world being at the tip of our fingers, mobile devices have become a huge part of our daily lives. This Statistics Portal,, shows an increase in mobile local search queries from 2014 to 2019. In 2014, the usage of mobile around the united states was at roughly 66 Billion and in 2019, increased to 141 billion. That’s a little over 40% increase in mobile search! Don’t be surprised when Mobile completely takes over the world.

Google rolled out its Mobile First Indexing in 2018, and webmasters began to receive a “Mobile-first indexing enabled” messages. With this algorithm update, Google is now considering the mobile version of your website to be the REAL version. It is important that in 2019, you are optimizing for Mobile First Indexing.

Mobile First Indexing

Increase your websites Pagespeed: It’s that Important

Who doesn’t love a fast loading website? (Everyone. Everyone loves a fast website). Around July, Google released its Pagespeed update, which affected rankings of the more slow mobile websites. Again, user experience is major! It either makes you or breaks you. If your websites loading time is lagging and a visitor can’t access your website quickly enough, Google can drop you. In a 2018 research by Google, they said that 53% of mobile users left when a website took more than THREE seconds to load…THREE SECONDS. A slow loading website makes for a bad user experience. So get up to speed!

Mobile Page Speed

Content and EAT

You may have heard about EAT by now. Google had released this core update around August, 2018. So what’s with this new Acronym? Well, EAT is the metric by which Google ranks a page and has become such an important factor. So, What does E – A – T Stand for? Expertise – Authority – Trustworthy.

Content is so important now! So it’s crucial that your content can reflect who you are and what your website is about.

You are an expert in your field, which means you are the authority! Show your visitors that they can trust you!

Clickbait is the WORST. No one likes to be tricked into clicking on something that is irrelevant to what they searched. If your content is nothing but spam and doesn’t hold any valuable information, chances are the user will be quick to leave. Googles Rank Brain will note that and can begin to drop you since they have determined that you don’t have any valuable information to offer possible new users.

SEO Expertise - Authority - Trustworthy

UX is Very Important in the world of Google!

This sounds like a lot of work right? Well, that’s because it is. At Zenergy Works, we pride ourselves in the work we put in to each project and we work hard as a team to meet Google’s standards. From the web development to SEO. Let Zenergy take the hard Work off your hands.

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