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Everyone tells you that you need a web presence (they’re right), but a web presence can only get you so far if you’re working off of a poor web design. Petaluma residents are well-versed in local businesses. They’re used to venturing downtown or exploring the hidden nooks of the city and finding wonderful locally-owned shops and services to give their business to. If there’s anywhere where the “Go Local” sensibility is strong, it’s Petaluma. That means great things for small businesses, but it also means that competition can be high, especially when people are judging your website design.

The days of people finding businesses to try by getting recommendations from their friends and looking in the Yellow Pages aren’t gone. They’ve just evolved… a lot. An individual’s circle of friends isn’t just the people they see on weekends anymore – it’s everyone they connect with on Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and the multitude of other social media sites out there. The Yellow Pages do still exist, but most people opt for Google instead. A very large chunk of consumers are now going online before testing out local businesses. Even folks who live in Petaluma will seek out online reviews and check out websites before making a choice. This is where web design becomes very, very important.

For a moment, think of yourself not as a business owner, but as an online consumer (which statistics show you probably already are). How do you feel about a business when you come across their website and find a shabby-looking web design? Or when it’s a pain to find any information about the business? You probably move on pretty quickly, right? So do your potential consumers if they either 1) aren’t impressed by your website, or 2) can’t find you online at all.

As you can see, something that you might not have considered a big deal and just thrown a few bucks at your friend to toss a website design on the Internet for you might actually be detrimental to your business. Think of your website as the window to your storefront. If it’s dirty, cracked, or the display items are sparse and uninteresting, people keep walking. You want to show them something bright and shiny to get them into the store! And Zenergy Works can help.

We’ve done work for Petaluma businesses like yours, both in web design and Local SEO Services. If you’d like to see an example, check out On The Spot ChemDry or our extensive portfolio. If you need an updated web design, we’re your people. Let us introduce you to the crew and make sure you’ve got a nice, pretty window for people to look through.

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