What’s New With Zenergy Works

We give you weekly “What’s New In SEO” updates, but you may be wondering what’s new with us. So here’s a little update on all things Zenergy!

Zenergy Works Office

Jennifer Filzen, one of our intrepid Content Creators, is celebrating her Zenergy anniversary this month. Congrats, Jen! You’re awesome!

In other staff news, we’ve welcomed several new faces into the fold over the last several weeks. Please help us give a warm welcome to Preston and Diana on the web design and production team, Kristi as an Online Marketing Tech, and Echo, Eric, Eva, and Sam in sales! They’ve all been working hard and have integrated themselves nicely into the well-oiled office machine. We’re so proud of the team we’re building and excited to see what the future holds.

Becoming the first Northern California online marketing agency to be able to boast a Google Business Photography accreditation has been big for us. To date, we’ve provided Google image tours to dozens of local businesses, ranging from wineries to restaurants to high-end auto facilities and more. We’re signing on more businesses all the time and creating robust experiences for Google users. And we have to admit, it’s been a blast. To view several of our recent tours, just check out the Google 3D Tour category.

Website launches have been hot and heavy for the last several months. We’re turning around more designs and builds than ever before. We’ve been experimenting with new techniques and more complicated builds for select clients, and it’s been going very well. Our production team has been absolutely stellar, and we have to give a special shout-out to Quinn Supplee, our Director of Technology, for working tirelessly to churn out consistently awesome work. For our latest projects, check out our online portfolio.

The constantly shifting landscape of SEO has kept us on our toes. We are always researching, innovating, and changing our tactics to match up to the current demands. As usual, we remain dedicated to finding ways to achieve our goals without resorting to underhanded means or the “easy way out.” We know shortcuts don’t fly in the long run, and our clients deserve our best game.

Other than that, we’re just being your usual internet-obsessed, quick-typing, busy little online marketing bees.

What’s new with you?

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