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Google Algorithm Updates in 2019

How do SEO practitioners, or self-titled SEOs know when Google has an algorithm update? Usually, it is by “listening” online for the collective groan and angst from their peers.  Like Gamblers in a high stakes game, it is often feast or famine. Their clients might rank in position number four on the first page of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) on a specific day, and the next day, they may have dropped to position 12 or bumped up to position 1.

Our research shows that so far in 2019, significant algorithm updates occurred on or about January 9th, 13th, and 20th.  Most, but not all, third-party tracking tools that monitor Google search results have shown significant volatility in SERP rankings around the dates specified above. Here is a screenshot from SEM Rush Sensor Rankings Graph:

Google Algorithm Updates in 2019

Google usually does not confirm or comment on specific updates and commonly states that “improvements” to the search algorithms are happening constantly.  Google has told us numerous times that with core algorithm updates that there is no fix.  I disagree with the “no fix” statement-you can work harder to comply with Google’s Content Guidelines, which have been published by Google and seem to be a reasonable approach to gaining rankings.


Google will continue to make changes at will. The only absolute consistency in SEO or any digital marketing is change.  Knowing the reason for rankings changes is helpful in maintaining a “big picture” perspective on your online marketing.  The only way to try to stay ahead of the curve is to work consistently to improve your website.   Hard work and providing a good user experience is the only way to improve rankings.

Eric Van Cleave is the CEO of Zenergy Works, A Santa Rosa California Digital Marketing Agency and Website Design Firm.

Google Ranking Factors: Separating Facts From Myths


Have you ever wondered what the ranking factors are for improving placement in the Google Organic Search results? Here is an infographic that does an outstanding job of showing what some of those factors are.


Most SEO experts agree that over 200 ranking factors play a part in the Google Algorithm that evaluates and ranks potential search engine results, but no one knows exactly how they are weighted and if how much the factors change based on the “context” of the search. Context can include the location of the IP address of the device that is being used for the search, the browser being used, the type of device — desktop, smartphone, tablet, etc., and the search history of the searcher.

Complicated stuff, but we are undeterred in moving forward and finding those answers. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Google SEO ranking factors.

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