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What is search engine optimization and how can a local SEO strategy help your Novato business succeed? Search engine optimization is the technique of incorporating several digital marketing strategies like content marketing, deep linking, and website mapping with the intent on boosting a company’s web presence so they appear more readily in search engine results, preferably ranking highly. This process is sometimes done by in-house experts but is typically facilitated by local SEO consultants like those of us here at Zenergy Works. For over a decade, we’ve been providing SEO for Marin County and Sonoma County businesses on both a local and national level.

Digital Marketing - Local SEO Novato

When you’re running a small-to-mid-sized local business, competition can be fierce. Depending on your vertical, you can be competing with major national brands or other local companies with a long history or more extensive reach. With the help of a local SEO plan targeting the Novato area, you can see subtle or drastic improvements in your business. Bring in more online leads, target foot traffic, or sell more in an online storefront! Depending on your goals, your team of local SEO consultants will determine the best course of action for reaching your target audience and improving the amount and quality of leads you receive. When combined with other digital marketing techniques, you can find a great deal of success in maintaining and growing your business. Our other services beyond SEO include:

Web design
• Responsive web design
• Content marketing
• Social media optimization
Email marketing
• Analytics and traffic audits
• And much more!

Along with our sister company, TIV Branding, we provide a full suite of digital and traditional branding and marketing services intended to help our clients succeed in their local market. TIV offers design options for your brand, logo, labels, brochures, paper mailings, and more. The latest statistics show that more people than ever before are finding businesses via online search and mobile search, so it’s essential to keep up with the times for the sake of your business. Through a combination of local SEO targeting your Novato audience and responsive web design, you can excel beyond you competition and achieve remarkable results.

Have more questions about how to have Zenergy work for you? Give us a call or reach out online anytime!

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