Tips on Linked In Profiles

LinkedIn has become the leading social network for business networking and communication. While some marketers treat LinkedIn as Social Media’s boring cousin who always is in a suit and tie, the increased use of the site (LinkedIn website traffic in the past quarter is up 67% in terms of page views) is proof that an optimized LinkedIn profile can be of value too many business people. Below are some tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile to become relevant to those that you would like to reach.



  1. Write a descriptive headline using the terms that you would like to be found under in a search. The search terms in your company web presence are a good start, but make sure that the headline accurately describes what your personal areas of expertise are within your firm.
  2. Keep Relevant Experience up to date. Use this section to illustrate your rise through the ranks of your firm and establish the depth and breadth of your experience as well as outlining the company profile.
  3. Use a Professional Image. The photo in your profile should be of you in professional attire, recent enough so that you can be recognized at a business gathering, and of good enough quality so that it puts forth a positive image of you and your business. Avoid snapshots, images that have been re-sized at the sacrifice of quality, and company logos in place of a personal photograph.
  4. Seek Recommendations. To seek a recommendation from a Business Associate or a Client, make the request personal instead of using a “canned message” from LinkedIn. Also suggest that the recommendation include the personal areas of expertise that are listed in your profile headline.

Bottom Line: As you continue to improve your LinkedIn profile, you will find that your profile ranking and views of the profile will increase.  This visibility will translate to increased visibility of your company.  While recruiting is one function that LinkedIn is used for, an optimized profile for a business owner, top salesperson, or top manager of a company is becoming a Social Media requirement.

Eric Van Cleave is a Partner in Zenergy Works, A Santa Rosa, California based Social Media Optmization, SEO and Website Development Firm.

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