Tips for Effective Email Campaigns

Email campaigns can be frustrating, even when your list is your good customers and folks who are familiar with your business.

Email Campaigns

1. Use A Known Sender Name.

The From name is one of the most prominently displayed elements of your campaign. According to studies, 68% of American email recipients open or delete the email based on the From Name. Most browsers limit the length of the From Name that can be read on the screen to 23 characters, so consider keeping that name short.

2. Create a subject line with benefits to the recipient

My favorite sales mentor taught me that everyone’s favorite radio station is WIFM (What’s In It For Me?). A subject line should include the recipient’s name or words like Your, You, etc. that focus on the benefits of the information in the email for the recipient.

3. Make sure preheader text is on point and valuable

The preheader is the short summary text that follows the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. This is where the recipient decides to read more. Make sure that the preheader text compliments and follows the subject line like (subject line) Grow Your Income, (preheader text) By Working Only 15 Additional Minutes Each Day.

4. Keep the Message Easy to Read and Simple

Good email messages are about showing your audience your offering and the benefits it brings them in the simplest way possible.

While your product may be different, there are a number of formulas you can use to help you write great email content. The PAS, 4 P’s, and BAB formulas are all easy to follow frameworks that help marketers like you write high performing email campaigns by positioning your product or service as the solution to your customer’s pain points.

5. Strong, but Careful, Call to Action

The buttons you use in your email marketing campaigns are the final step towards getting someone to click-through from your campaign and visit your website, and the words you choose for them can play a big part in determining whether someone will click-through or not.


Ask for the business by using benefit concepts like “Take the First Step to Increasing Your Revenues” or “Get More Time With Your Family”. Or “Learn More About


Avoid cumbersome action words that ask your potential client to do something they don’t necessarily want to do, like:

  • Download
  • Apply
  • Order
  • Submit


Everyone (at least everyone that you would want to target to sell your goods and services) gets more and more email each and every day. The 5 tips outlined above will help you to get a higher “open” rate and more engagement. Its up to you to sell your products.

Eric Van Cleave is Co-CEO and Chief of Digital Marketing for zentiv agency in Santa Rosa, California.

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