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LinkedIn At 200 Million Members-A Great B to B Online Advertising Opportunity

Just 2 years after celebrating an increase to 100 million members, LinkedIn is announcing that they are now at 200 million members. The 200 million current members include professionals from over 200 countries & territories across the world. There is a tremendous business to business opportunity for an online advertising campaign.

Review this infographic from LinkedIn that breaks down the members by industry and location.

Bottom Line:  LinkedIn is not just for recruiting anymore. It is an opportunity for online advertising. The new advertising platform allows an advertiser to target a certain type of client, and has a database of roughly 40 million U.S. businesses and 175 million businesses worldwide.  If you sell business to business or if you would like to join others in your vertical to network with, LinkedIn can provide an excellent opportunity for your business.

Eric Van Cleave is a Partner in Zenergy Works, A Santa Rosa, California Social Media Optimization, Online Marketing, Website Design and SEO Firm.

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