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Control vs Management: Striking a Better Balance

It’s not unusual to want to be involved in all of the aspects of your business. In fact, it’s completely understandable. When you really care about the company you’ve built, you like to make sure everything’s working smoothly and nothing’s falling by the wayside.

But is there a point where involvement turns into excessive control that can stifle your business’ continued growth?

Office ManagerIn the business world, we all know there will be a certain number of things we can’t control. There will be misunderstandings, mistakes, disgruntled customers, and more loops than we could ever predict. For some personalities, this just isn’t good enough. They’re convinced that everything can be solved or prevented so long as they’re involved.

Unfortunately, it’s often too much for a single person to handle. That’s where the issues start.

Investment in your company is a good thing. Proper management is a good thing. But are you biting off more than you can chew to the detriment of your business? Here are a few warning signs to watch for.

  •  Do you micromanage the activities of your workers?
  • Do you refuse to delegate tasks to the appropriate people, opting to do the work yourself because you “only trust yourself” to do it correctly?
  • Do you insist that you know better than people specifically trained in the tasks they’re responsible for, even if you have little to no experience or training in that area?
  • Are you missing deadlines because you insist on checking everything personally before it goes out and you just don’t have the time to reasonably get to it all?

There are a few elements at play here. First, are you working with the right people? If you’re genuinely concerned about the quality of an employee or contractor’s work, that’s something that needs to be addressed. However, if the employee or contractor is consistently doing good work, you may be keeping them from reaching their full potential. Worse, you may be frustrating them or making them doubt their abilities.

High standards are never a bad thing for a good business owner. However, there comes a time when they need to trust in their people. If the trust isn’t there, action needs to be taken to build it. You hire people to do specific tasks. As a manager or overseer, your job is to manage their workflow and ensure requirements or deadlines are being met. When you hire experts, allow them to do their work. You don’t have to take everything on blind faith. Regular updates are a must, but not to the point of disrupting workflow.

If you can’t loosen the reins a little, you’re going to harm your business and yourself by proxy. There’s just no way for one person to carry all marketing efforts for a considerably-sized business on their own. Remember, a Jack of all trades is the master of none. If you can’t do all the work on your plate on a reasonable timeline, something has to change. It’s okay to admit you don’t know everything… and if you need help with your online marketing, email marketing, you know where to look!

Your stress levels, and your business, will thank you!

Stephanie Wargin is the Social Media Strategist at Zenergy Works, a web design and SEO company located in Santa Rosa, California. Her friends like to brush her hair into her eyes whenever she talks about Facebook.

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