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Optimizing Performance Max  Campaigns On Google Ads

Optimizing Performance Max Campaigns On Google Ads

Performance Max (Pmax) – How to’s

After working on Performance Max (Pmax) accounts for the past few months, we have some recommendations on how to use and not use, this powerful new Google Ads platform.

Who are The Best Candidates For Google Ads Performance Max?


Ecommerce businesses should definitely try PMax out as a replacement for Smart Shopping.

conversion-based campaigns

Any business that has focused conversion-based campaigns and can accurately and fully track those conversions

retail businesses

Any retail business that wants to focus on boosting visits to the store.

Here is a “short list” of the main tips for creating a successful PMax campaign.

Use Performance Max for conversion driven campaigns

Use Performance Max for conversion driven campaigns. Not an awareness campaign, but a campaign designed to increase market penetration and reach new audiences.

implement full conversion tracking

Implement full conversion tracking. The more automation in bidding becomes a factor, the more important conversion tracking becomes.

Use URL exclusions for non-relevant parts

Use URL exclusions for non-relevant parts of your site.  Make sure that the PMax campaign is focused on pages that will help to bring conversions.  Exclude pages for non-relevant information.

Add at least one
video asset

Add at least one video asset.  PMax demands video assets, so if you do not have video available, they will create a video representation for you.  Be afraid, be very afraid.  Make a video even if it is based on a simple script and a Fiver video provider.

Set specific location settings-“presence”

Set specific location settings-“presence” in an area is best.  Be specific on your geo targets, and be sure to focus on “presence” and not “interest” in an area when setting up the campaign.  Note:  Google will default to “Presence and Interest” so specify just “Interest”.

Create an audience signal for quicker results

Create an audience signal for quicker results.  A customer list of remarketing pixel on the website is very helpful in getting an audience going.  Custom audiences should include the most popular keywords/items for a firm.

Performance Max is not a platform for every business as we have outlined here.  In our experience, the businesses that put in the time and effort in the initial setup have been rewarded with higher CTR, Conversion Rates and a more efficient deployment of paid budget on Google.

Zenergy Works is offering a free initial consultation on how to set up or improve your Performance Max campaign.  Reach out today-we are here to help.

Case Studies

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