A Boost For Mobile-Friendly Websites

Is Your Site Responsive For Mobile Visitors?

In April of 2015 Google unveiled a mobile-friendly ranking algorithm. It was announced that next month Google will be giving this algorithm a ranking signal boost. This will help increase search engine rankings for sites that have mobile-friendly pages and responsive layouts.

Responsive web designThe good news is if your sites are already mobile-friendly then you will not be affected by this update. It is unknown at this point if this algorithm will further boost your Google rankings if you are mobile-friendly or if you will stay as is. Another bit of information is that if you have great, relevant content but do not have a mobile-friendly site, you can still rank well on Google.

This update is not the nail in the coffin if you do not yet have a mobile-friendly site; just make sure that your content is awesome. However, if you want to optimize your site for mobile, contact us today!

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